Reportage / Journalism

When I took up photography in 2013-14, I gravitated towards the genre of photojournalism. It has taught me to work in challenging circumstances and think on my feet as events unfold. Realising the power of images to influence public perception, I believe it gives me a sense of responsibility to represent subjects accurately.

Documentary Narratives

I have used the camera as a supplement to inquire into social phenomena. Being mostly self-taught, I attempt to embrace the independent nature of the medium to observe, explore and creatively engage with the world around me. The process of photographing has also opened my own views about societal contexts.

Media for Advocacy

Solving long-term and complex problems require a long-term commitment from public authorities, businesses and civic organisations. At the same time, it requires sustained media to voice stories and shape new dialogues to inspire action. I work closely with a mobilized network of non-profits, activists, and researchers to create media that produces awareness about ever-present issues in urban environments. 

Social / Development sector

As a communications professional, I help organisations in the social sector to improve and implement communication strategies. The chance to learn about various models of impact in areas of education, women's health, microfinance, rural development etc. has been an eye-opener. With photography, I intend to bring out the core behind their programs, humanistic-approach and leverage credibility for their work.

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