Fani cyclone relief, Orissa

May 28th, 2018

Few weeks after the severe cyclone storm Fani dissipated upwards from Orissa’s coasts, I visited the State to see the situation for myself. The Government had set an example globally by issuing warnings and taking precautions which significantly averted loss of human lives.

However the distribution of government aid was barely enough - a mere Rs.2000, 50kg of rice and a tarpaulin sheet was provided.

With the help of local social worker Ratnakar Sahoo & Photography Promotion Trust, I tagged along with 120 Battalion Army in relief distribution to some of the neediest villages of Chandanpur, Brahmgiri and Satpada. Twenty-five days since the cyclone, they were averaging relief to over 340 people a day and had even reached out to hamlets where the government is unable to reach.

The pictures report the relief efforts by the military in areas near the coast of Orissa 

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