Right To Water in Mumbai

2019 (ongoing) #WaterForAll #Panikakissasabkahissa

Nearly two million people in Mumbai are denied access to safe and affordable drinking water. I was introduced to this appalling fact associated with the Right to Water through Pani Haq Samiti (a collective campaign striving for water for all) & Photography Promotion Trust (an organisation using photography to bring change in the lives of the marginalised).

Over a couple of months, I visited several water scarce bastis in the city and observed that people were acclimated to the daily burden of collecting water from different sources- leakages, tankers, wells, illegal connections, public toilets, other building premises etc. Knowing that there is enough supply of water in the city and Maharashtra has the largest dams in the country, makes it harder to accept this ground-reality


Through photographing, the research phase and hearing what experts in the field had to share on the matter of water-management, we concluded that the issue requires a long-term awareness building. The project is ongoing and I hope to bring out stories that highlight the interconnectedness of the single most important resource with that of the overall development of the life of a human being.

Preview: Mumbaicha pani

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