SNEHA Mumbai

I was commissioned by a design agency to create photography depicting the extensive work done by SNEHA, a non-profit devoted to improving health outcomes of women from the most vulnerable backgrounds in Mumbai.

I wanted to be able to develop a level of trust with the women I was going to photograph and being a male and an outsider I knew this would be difficult. With the help of their Sanginis (on ground volunteers and workers), I was able to immerse myself into the communities they operated in and was taken aback by the depth of their programs. It was clear to me that the culture and commitment shared between their last mile workers is what made their program delivery successful. By being mindful and sensitive towards the beneficiaries of SNEHA, I captured real-life situations.

The photos were used to create a compelling website that used a human-centered narrative to show how the organisation impacts lives; while aimed at encouraging SNEHA’s stakeholders to participate and contribute to SNEHA’s vision.The approach helped us better consolidate their programs and the images are used in reporting studies, research and stories. To see the resulting website visit

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